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Gary Monterosso is an award-winning writer, who has written for several national and regional publications.

He currently appears on the History Channel special, "The Epic History of Everyday Things."

Gary's first book, "Artisan Beer," was released in December 2011. published by Burford Books. His next book, "101 Great Session Beers (and More)," was released as an e-book during the middle of 2014. His next book will return to print with a scheduled release of late 2014.

In the
Delaware Valley, Gary can be heard offering beer tips on WOND News Talk 1400. His popular webcast, "Still Crazy After All These Beers," has resumed after a hiatus. Thanks to Starfish Junction for picking up the sponsorship. 

has appeared many other television shows and has been a featured guest on radio programs throughout the country and was featured several times on BBC radio.  

One of the highlights of his career was a three-year stint on the Sirius Satellite Radio network, talking about the latest happenings in the beer world. 
In early 2014, Gary was selected by Chilled Magazine to be a member of the "Chilled 100," signifying him as one of the top 100 beverage personalities in the United States.

He continues to be a fixture at regional beer events by hosting dinners and tasting seminars. He has qualified as a Certified Beer Server, a part of the Cicerone Certification Program, recognizing his knowledge of beer styles, culture, the brewing process and ingredients.